Mary Alexandra Agner

Mary Alexandra Agner

I'm a freelance writer.

I've worked with Argonne National Lab, Muse, Sky & Telescope, and others. Member NASW, NESW, Broad Universe, VPXX.

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Hidden Carbon in the Earth's Core | Advanced Photon Source

Highlight summarizing the research presented in "High Poisson’s ratio of Earth’s inner core explained by carbon alloying," Nat. Geoscience 8, 220 ( (March 2015)

Defining The Line: Melting Curve For Iron Helps Characterize The Earth's Core

Earth’s core is
16% of the planet by
volume. It is composed primarily of iron, but includes
a quantity of lighter elements whose presence, but not
identity, is inferred from geophysical measurements...

Iron-Bearing Perovskite in the Mantle

Although we are confined to Earth's crust, we live every day with the
impacts that the large-scale motions of subterranean tectonic plates
can have on our planet, such as changes to terrain or weather...

Turquoise Plus Yellow Equals Green: Avian Structural Colors Aid Photonics Innovation

The vivid blue and green non-iridescent hues of bird plumage are produced
by the nanostructure of feathers, unlike much of the avian palette, which is
a product of pigmentation...