Mary Alexandra Agner

Mary Alexandra Agner

I'm a freelance writer.

I've worked with Argonne National Lab, Muse, Sky & Telescope, and others. Member NASW, NESW, Broad Universe, VPXX.

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Musep16feb2017issue article

Muse February 2017 Science@Work Valerie L. Buxton Behavioral Ecologist

Met Valerie L. Buxton, park ranger turned frog wrangler. Buxton began her biology career as a kid collecting caterpillars and chasing butterflies. ... Here she shares how tips on how to make a recording of a Cope's gray tree frog calling---and how to use it for conservation.

Mus1601 26 s w scales article

Muse January 2016 Science@Work: Helen Scales Marine Biologist

Meet Dr. Helen Scales— deep-sea diver, author, and seashell whisperer. She visits ocean animals in their native habitats and tells their stories.
Here she shares secrets about the hidden lives of seashells.